:Committed to human resources of high specialization and technical capacity

We are aware that our success has been possible largely to our team. For this reason we strongly investment in the specialization of each worker for the task that they are going to carry out. Because the knowledge of the environment, the tools and the process, is the only way to the optimal execution of the work.

Masters, post and undergraduate titles of our team.

:High levels of demand in the prevention of work related risks

The basis of a good job is security. A task cannot be carried out if there is a risk for the person doing it, or those who surround him. For this reason we have implemented a standard of security that is supported by external and independent companies to Trafisa, which guarantee that our concern for safety at work is real and correct.

We have thus obtained the seal of safety at work OHSAS 18001.

Investment in safety and health in the last 5 years

:Compliance with the most demanding quality requirements.

We are so confident about the quality of our production process, that we have decided, voluntarily, to submit it to the criteria of external and independent companies to get an objective reference the ISO 9001 quality seal.

Inversión en seguridad salud en los últimos 5 años.

:Compliance with deadlines.

An extensive planning of the work without omitting details, a regular monitoring of deadlines to detect deviations and a committed labor force are our best asset for the delivery of our work within the agreed timeframe.

Inversión en procesos de calidad y certificaciones de los últimos 4 años.

:Respect for the environment.

Prevention is the most efficient business policy for the protection of the environment.
A dedication that makes us proud owners the environmental ISO 14001 seal.

Trees planted by Trafisa since its foundation