No one desires problems when hiring any kind of services.

Trusting a company like Trafisa with a background of more than 20 years of experience servicing the public sector, a team of more than 100 workers in a constant process of formation and a park of machinery in permanent technological evolution, is the best guarantee of peace of mind for our customers.

In Trafisa we justify our solvency with facts, like the quality assurance of all our work, our dedication to each project and the cooperation with each customer.

These are the reasons why Trafisa nowadays enjoys respect in its sector and the trust of its customers.

Investment in own facilities during the past 5 years


Sometimes you might have wondered if you know what you want to achieve, why is the result not always as expected.

The answer is: capacity.

In Trafisa we have assumed that the basic factor to be competitive and bring any business to success is the ability to execute: execute properly what was planned in the drawing board. Execution capability requires the need to decide, and consequently, the agility to find immediate and optimum solutions.

Each of our employees is aware of the importance of their work and quality inspection that their work is subject to respecting the agreed time scales and individual and collective security measures they are required to apply in every situation.

Technicians have the knowledge and experience to lead the team and take the appropriate decisions in order to reach final aim.

Trafisa works since its inception up

:Goal Oriented

Repeat the consequences of a problem, tireless reviews of the topic and inappropriate solutions of the past, have not lead us to a constructive solution, so we opted to change the way of facing the problem, analyzing the reasons of the conflict rather than technical trials.

This allows us to find the solution faster, sometimes even, with a new technique that would become the methodology successfully to similar future situations.

This translates into applied a direct benefit to our client, we can advise on the best possible solution, and help avoiding the client unpleasant surprises.

We feel we can fulfill the needs of our customers correctly the right decisions are taken in a timely manner.

Hours worked by our staff in the last 4 years